Smokers: Time for withdrawal for 7 days
with Peter Prantner, massage therapist and hypnotist

10.05. – 21.10.2018

Giving up smoking is very difficult, especially if you do not have any support. Hypnosis is a possibility to give up smoking without gaining weight, and to enjoy the newly found freedom of non-smoking without the feeling of having to give up something.

Inform us about your desired dates.

  • 7 nights incl. 3 hypnosis sessions á 45 min
  • rich breakfast buffet
  • cake buffet in the afternoon
  • 4-course evening menu of your choice with salad buffet - also vegetarian menus
  • 1 weekly gala dinner
  • various theme buffets (Italian, international and Austrian buffet)
  • welcome drink on Sunday
  • weekly sports and relaxation programme
  • weekly live music in the hotel lobby
  • free use of the 600 m² Panorama SPA
  • bathrobe and slippers in the room
  • towels on loan in the Panorama SPA

1st day: arrival and informational interview with 1st hypnosis session (ca. 60 min.), say goodby to cigarettes and lighter
2nd day: time for hiking, biking, wellness and culinary delights
3rd day: 2nd hypnosis session ca. 45 min.
4th und 5th day: time for hiking, biking, wellness and culinary delights
6th day: 3rd hypnosis session ca. 45 min.
7th day: snuggy finish and healthy return home

Room type 7 nights
Double room cat. I € 1.049,-
Double room cat. II € 1.196,-
Maisonette € 1.196,-
Double room "De Luxe" € 1.245,-
Double room "STAR" I € 1.245,-
Double room "STAR" II € 1.343,-

Prices per person for 7 nights, excluding visitor's tax (€ 2,80)

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About our therapist Peter Prantner

Several years ago he began to be interested in hypnosis. As he was already able to help people with physical problems as massage therapist he also wanted to help people on a mental and emotional basis. Therefore, he comleted the education as qualified hypnosis therapist in Linz. Since then he combines his two professions as massage therapist and hypnotist wherever possible, e.g. at the Hotel Seespitz-Zeit and at the ÖSV (Austrian Ski Assocation Free Skier).

It has always been clear for Peter that body and mind go hand in hand and that we only feel healthy if both are in harmony with each other. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of the body, a changed state of mind, which enables to communicate with your subconsciousness.

The most important thing of hypnosis is that the hypnotist and the person under hypnosis trust each other. Both have to want the hypnosis. Both agree on the targets of the session which are fixed in advance in detail.

Hypnosis is no ...
... sleep, unconsciousness or powerlessness.

How hypnosis works:
At the beginning of every session Peter explains in detail how hypnosis works and how he accompanies you during hypnosis. It's his task to accompany you into your subconsciousness where you can find the solution to reach your desired goal, e.g. if you want to loose weight, get away from cigarettes and much more, on your own. You are going to remember everything what happens during and after the hypnosis.
Peter is always at your disposal for individual advice.

Hypnosis cannot replace medical treatments or psychological therapies.

The following core themes might also interest you:

Lose weight
Thanks to the power of your subconsciousness you can lose weight without real struggle. Your feeling of satiety occurs earlier and your body regains the desire for healthy products and dishes - and everything without pressure or a bad feeling. You simply want to eat healthy and do some sports. You refuse unhealthy products. Your subconscious mind will guide you to the ideal image of yourself you want to achieve.

Raise self-confidence
Many people suffer from low self-esteem and its hard for them to press their point or to get to know other people. Those people are considered to be shy and they are often not perceived. Thanks to hypnosis self-confidence can be raised fast so that people can participate actively and with joy in life and meet new friends or stand up for their opinion without self-doubts.

Deep relaxation / stress relief
Do you have problems to relax and do you suffer from stress? Hypnosis (self-hypnosis) is the best remedy. Deep relaxation is the ideal application field of hypnosis.

Solve sleeping disorders
Many people have problems to fall asleep at night or to sleep through the night. Everyday problems keep many people from relaxing and falling asleep. Hypnosis helps you to fall asleep and sleep through again.
In case of sleeping disorders it needs to be clarified ahead that no medical problem exists!

Boost immune system
Do you feel weak and exhausted but you don't know why you miss vitality? Thanks to hypnosis we boost your immune system and you feel fit and healthy after we have activated your inner doctor. ATTENTION: Hypnosis does not replace a visit to the doctor.

Removing blockages (purification of the soul)
Some problems in life develop due to a "false" programming in the subconsciousness. They might have already been saved in the wrong way during childhood or early life. During hypnosis we detect and solve these blockages.


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