Menu card of your restaurant in Seefeld

Cold starters
Jelly of chaneterelles and vegetables on grilled green asparagus salad with tomato-chives vinaigrette and rosemary crissini [A,D,G,L] € 12,50
Variation of sugar melon, king prawn and smoked ham [A,B,G,H,L,O] € 12,50

Beef consommé with herbal pancake stripes or cheese dumpling [A,C,G,H,L] € 6,50
Cream soup of chanterelles with brown bread croutons and shiso cress [A,G,H,L,O] € 6,50
Wild garlic foam soup with grilled scallop and thyme puff pastry fleurons [A,C,G,H,L,O,R] € 6,50

Warm starters
Creamy chanterelles risotto with sautéed cherry tomatoes and crispy smoked ham chips [A,G,H,L,O] € 13,50
Black tiger prawns in hot olive garlic herb oil with herb baguette [A,B,G,H,L] € 14,50

Fitness salad “al chef” with chicken breast coated in chili and corn flakes with fruits, curry sauce and wasabi nuts [A,C,E,G,H,L] € 16,00
Leaf salad with marinated chaterelles and green asparagus with herbal bread chip [A,G,H,L] € 12,50
Spring salad with 6 grilled herbal prawns and herb-garlic baguette [A,B,G,H,L] € 24,50
Mixed salad [A,G,H,L] € 5,00
Baguette with garlic and herbs € 3,00

“Seespitz Tris“ with browned butter and Parmesan served with a small mixed salad [A,C,G,H,L] € 15,00
Truffled Tagliatelle served with Parmesan, truffled Krupuk and small lettuce salad with tomato [A,C,G,H,L] € 13,50

Traditional dishes
“Wiener Schnitzel” of veal with cranberries served with parsley potatoes and small mixed salad [A,C,G,H,L] € 18,50
Boiled veal with vinaigrette of pumpkin seed oil and sprouts with green asparagus, fresh horseradish and roasted potatoes [G,H,L] € 18,00
Roasted beef with onions served with bacon beans and potato gratin [A,C,G,H,L,O] € 18,50
Gratinated cheese spätzle with fried onions, spring onions and small mixed salad [A,C,G,H,L,O] € 15,50
„Tyrolean Gröstl“ with fried egg and lukewarm bacon-coleslaw [C,G,H,L] € 15,50

Our chef advise
Grilled pork tenderloin on chanterelles ragout with baked zucchini and sautéed cherry tomatoes [A,C,G,H,L,O] € 18,50
Grilled entrecote with BBQ flavour, served with shallot jam, broad beans and sweet potato sticks [A,C,G,H,L,O] € 21,50
Pink roasted veal hip on asparagus-morel ragout with dauphine potatoes [A,C,G,H,L,O] € 19,50
Grilled pikeperch fillet on wild garlic risotto with fried mini patisson and sauce Hollandaise [D,G,H,L,O] € 19,50
Roasted trout fillet with lemon butter sauce, blanched sugar peas and asparagus risotto [D,G,H,L,O] € 17,50
Grilled salmon fillet with mango avocado salsa and mashed potatoes with lemon [D,G,H,L] € 18,50
BBQ burger - grilled veal, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onion, salad, BBQ sauce [A,G,H,L] € 12,50
Avocado burger - grilled veal, tomatoes, onions, bacon, guacamole, salad [A,G,H,L] € 11,50
Gluten-free burger - grilled veal, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, salad, avocado sour cream sauce [C,G,H,L] € 11,50
For our burgers we serve either French fries, wedges or sweet potato fritters

For kids
Small Wienerschnitzel of veal with french fries [A,C,G,L] € 10,50
Spaghettini with tomato sauce and parmesan [A,C,G,H,L] € 6,50
Fried fillet of hake with parsley potatoes [A,C,D,G,L] € 7,50
Ricotta-spinach tortellini in cream sauce and parmesan [A,C,G,H,L] € 7,50
Fried fillets of chicken with french fries [A,C,G,L] € 8,50

Rhubarb soufflée on lemon sorbet with vanilla strawberry ragout [A,C,G,H,O] € 8,50
Variation of white chocolate, raspberries and pistachios [A,C,G,H,O] € 8,50
Ricotta honey souffle with currant ragout and mango sorbet [A,C,G,H,O] € 8,50
Refreshing sorbet trilogy with wild berries [A,G,H,O] € 7,50
Browned caramelized omelet flamed with rhum, served with stewed plums or spiced apple purée or cranberries [A,C,G,H,O] large € 13,50 small € 8,50
Mixed international cheese plate with truffle honey and fig mustard [A,E,G,H,M] € 8,50
Fresh cakes and strudel can be found in our pastry display. Please also ask for the ice cream menu!

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